Mid Cornwall History Hunters





  1. All members will hold a current membership of the NCMD/FID, These will be shown to the club secretary upon joining and annually when renewal is due.
  2. New members will be admitted to the club on a 6 month trial basis.
  3. All members will be expected to attend 80% of club meetings and 60% of scheduled club digs. (unless there are exceptional circumstances)
  4. Membership will be reviewed on 1st April each year and members who have failed to meet the minimum requirement (as in 3. above) will be excluded from the club
  5. Membership of the Mid Cornwall History Hunters will be open to all members of the public interested in metal detecting as a hobby and who are willing to both, support the interests of the club by keeping to its rules and make the payment of the current membership fee (non-refundable),
  6. Remember that when you are out with your metal detector you are an ambassador for our hobby and club. Do nothing that might give the club a bad name.
  7. Annual memberships will run from the 1st April to 31st March with an annual fee of E15 (as at 1.4.2017)
  8. Club search fees shall be £5 per member unless stated otherwise and payable on the day of the search. Guest can attend club digs at £10 with a maximum attendance of 8 digs per year.
  9. Items found on Club digs are the property of the landowner who will have first refusal on any item found,
  10. Items found on Club digs must be displayed on the finds table', properly recorded and, where appropriate, submitted to the FLO for recording purposes.
  11. In the event of a 'hoard' being found, the following will apply:
    Landowner will receive 50% of the value.
    Remaining 50% to be divided between members present on the dig at the time of the find. 
  12. Do not trespass. Obtain permission before venturing on to any land.
  13. Respect the Country Code, leave gates and property as you find them and do not damage crops, frighten animals or disturb nesting birds.
  14. Wherever the site, do not leave a mess or an unsafe surface for those who may fallow. Always re-fill your holes, do not leave unwanted finds in your hole remove them from the field,
  15. If you discover any live ammunition or any lethal abject such as an unexploded bomb or mine, do not disturb it. Mark the site carefu Iy and report the find to the local police and landowner.
  16. Help keep Britain tidy. Safely dispose of refuse you come across.
  17. Report any dead or injured livestock to your land owner.
  18. Remember it is illegal for anyone to use a metal detector on a designated area (e.g. scheduled archaeological site, SSSI, or Ministry of Defence property) without permission from the appropriate authority.
  19. Acquaint yourself with the Treasure Act 1996
  20. Report all finds assumed older than 300 years to the local F.L.O.
  21. Never miss an opportunity to explain your hobby to anyone who asks about it, you never know, it may lead to new permissions.
  22. All club obtained land will only be detected on via an organized club search and at no other times.
  23. Officers of the club, Chairman, secretary and treasurer shall be elected at the ACM