Mid Cornwall History Hunters


Free search and recovery service.

The MCHH offers a free search and recovery service for any lost metalic items. All of our members have full liability insurance and are located all over Cornwall.
Please contact us on 01028 269464 or  07542993909
Below are some examples of happy people.

Mrs Stephens with the lost tractor part

Mrs stephens from Tremabe farm needed our help to find part of her tractor,which she feared was lost. She was delighted when it was recovered within a few minutes.

 Lost ring found at Shelterbox

Another happy ending came when Shelterbox contacted us to search for a wedding ring that was lost by one of there managers.

The ring was found within minutes by one of our members Antony Humphries.

Another good news story.

Thanks again  Ant.

Wedding ring found

I had a rather early telephone call this morning from a rather stressed woman, Can you help me? my husband has lost his wedding ring, calm down madam! where are you? i'm in Bristol, sorry i replied but it's a little to far away, no,no my husband is in St Austell where he works a few days a week.

Ok, so we are now getting a bit of sense filter through!! i told her to get her hubby to ring me, 10mins later the phone goes with a worried hubby on the other end, he's now explained the situation and i've informed him that help will be on hand very soon.

A rather early morning call to Aaron with the " Boots and Saddles" wake up call, and within the hour Aaron is on site, amidst the heavy rain and spray from passing vehicles the search began, within 10mins the ring was found by the owner himself but all praise was duly heaped on Aaron.

Yet again our web site played an important role in this happy outcome.

Many thanks to Aaron and sorry for the early call !!

National Trust barbed wire campaign

Thanks to the the National Trust for asking us to help them find WW2 barbed wire.
The barbed wire is on Hollwell Bay beach and has been hiden since the war by the sands of time so to speak.
Thanks to Aaron and Mark for helping out and by the end of the day  they had recovered a huge amount of very nasty barbed wire.
The National Trust have kindly mentioned us in their magazine.. here is the link. Please look here   http://northcornwallnt.org/
Below is the poster asking for volunteers